Innsbrook Resort Wedding | Jane & Jerry

June 20, 2023


Jerry and Jane had the most joyful, Innsbrook Resort Wedding filled with love! One thing Jane shared with me from the start was how she LOVES color and wanted to have a colorful wedding day so I knew the day was going to be beautiful but my mind was blown away the second I walked in the door! The pops of pinks, orange, teal, green, just my goodness, it was a stunning day!

These two met in California (shout out to Facebook) and the rest was history. Jerry’s family told me how he knew the moment he met Jane, she was the one. He was completely smitten over here and you could clearly tell from the moment I ment them. The way he looks at her, cares for her, and laughs with her just had us all swooning. Jerry and Jane had family fly in from all over the world to watch these two become one. Jane even had her dress custom made in DUBAI! I mean come on, can you even with this beautiful queen!

The day stormed, but these two did not let that take away their joy. We fully took advantage of the times we had no rain (hello St. Louis unpredictable weather) to capture the joy and love between these two and their bestest friends! Jane and her family are from Kenya and there were so many different cultural traditions that they showed during the day. The singing and dancing, the blessings from her aunt and God mother, the feeding of the cake to the parents, it felt like home in the room.

It was truly such an honor to witness these two and the joy they had! Enjoy a looking into there Innsbrook Resort wedding and feel the warmth from the day!



St. Louis Wedding Vendors

Photographer | Adara Jade Photography

Venue | Innsbrook Resort

Florist | Rouge Floral Design

Videographer | Peak Media

Cake | Nothing Bundt Cake

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